7 Nutrition - Potassium Citrate
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7 Nutrition - Potassium Citrate

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7NUTRITION Potassium Citrate 120 caps

 7Nutrition Potassium Citrate is a diet supplement with high-absorbed potassium source. Potassium is a necessary element of all the organisms. Deficits of it causes muscle shrink, hypertension, irritability, chronic tiredness and swelling of lower and upper limbs.

Potassium Citrate - the main ingredient of 7Nutrition Potassium Citrate – is a natural and clean compound which guarantees much more better mineral ion absorbtion than its non-organic forms. They are decay by gastric acids working.

7Nutrition Potassium Citrate is recommended for people who care of the proper blood pressure, heart, nervous system and muscles functioning. What is more it is useful for people consuming large amounts of salt, having stressful lifestyle and enticing body with a huge physical or mental effort.

7Nutrition Potassium Citrate is a supplement with convenient form of capsules, created for professional and recreational excercisers.

Product characteristics:

  • extremely fast absorbtion,
  • rich source of potassium the highest quality,
  • prevents muscle shrink,hypertension, irrability and swelling of lower and upper limbs,
  • reduces tiredness,
  • helps to maintain right blood pressure,
  • supports proper functioning of hearth, nervous system and muscles.