7 nutrition-The Bomb
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7 nutrition-The Bomb

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7 NUTRITION Bomb Pre Workout - 240g

  • It increases the production and transport of nitric oxide
  • Higher efficiency, better absorption of arginine!
  • Regeneration, antioxidation, resistance
  • Pre-training energy injection!


Pre-workout BOMB is a full-value, well-thought-out pre-training product. 7Nutritions laboratories made sure that the right ingredients are selected to improve your endurance before and during training. The energy boost hits the moment after taking on a mix of sixteen active substances, making it one of the most advanced pre-workout options on the market. One of the most important components of this booster is AAKG. This inconvenient acronym hides a real bomb - the synthesis of Arginine and Alpha-ketogluataran.

AAKG - what functions does it fulfill in BOMB Pre-Workout?

Alpha-ketogluataran is a salt of glutaric acid and arginine as well as an intermediate product of the Krebs cycle. It inhibits the breakdown of arginine to carbon dioxide and water, while improving its absorption and clearly increasing efficiency. In itself, Arginine is a chemical compound from the group of endogenous amino acids, in the Krebs cycle deals with nitrogen transfer - that is, it occurs naturally in all living organisms in which this cycle occurs - as well as helps to synthesize growth hormone or improves detoxification. This is not everything. AAKG increases the production of nitric oxide, which facilitates the exchange of messages between nerve cells. Takes part in respiratory processes as well as blood circulation control. It has a decidedly beneficial effect on the regeneration, antioxidation and immunity of our body. AAKG, however, primarily releases nitric oxide into the body, which makes your muscles grow strongly and literally - not only increases their resistance and endurance at the time of physical exercise, but also quite literally increases their size.

BOMB Pre-workout is a powerful dose of energy and motivation just after application. From now on, each of your trainings will be made at 100%, even the one you are going through with the last of your strength. Booster contains a mixture of natural extracts from plants (eg mountain rosa), which definitely curbs the vitality and oxygenation of the tissues of your body, and, importantly even after training, increases the body's resistance to the harmful effects of stress. Full professionalism in one preparation!