Androgen Extreme-Armageddon Sarm

Androgen Extreme-Armageddon Sarm

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This is the ultimate Sarm combo, The daddy of of Sarms

Whats In It:

*LGD-4033 6mg

*MK677 10mg

*Osterine MK677 15mg

*Cardarine GW501516 10mg

*RAD 140 10mg

*Epicatechin 25mg

*Armistane 25mg


So What Will All These Ingredients Do For You?


+Highly Anabolic

+More Muscle Mass

+Faster Recovery


+Faster Recovery

+Increases Appetite

+Anti Aging

+Higher IGF1

MK-2866 (Osterine)

+More Strength & Mass

+Highly Anabolic

+Less Fat 

+Faster Recovery 

GW-501516 (Cardarine)

+Improves Stamina & Strength

+Reduces Body fat

+Lowers Blood Sugar Level


+Increases Vascularity

+Highly Anabolic

+More Muscle Mass

+The Strongest Sarm

Epicatechin (EPI)

+Enhances Muscle Growth & Strength

+Increases Nitric Oxide Production

+Improves Insulin Sensitivity 

+Reduces Cholesterol


+Powerful Aromatase Inhibitor

+ Blocks The Conversion Of Testosterone To Estrogen Metabolites


From all the ingredients to what they do you can see why this is the Daddy of all Sarm combo`s. The great thing is there`s very little side effects, alot of People are using these whilst off Cycle or part of there PCT.

This Combo is great for any one wanting to pack size on and also any one wanting to Cut Or Trim up whilst maintaining muscle mass.