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Chikara Cuts Fat burner 101 servings

One of the strongest fat burners in the UK,

Chikara Cuts contains per serving:

200mg caffeine

5.3mg yohimbine

6mg Synephrine

3mg Forskollin

100mg white willow bark

41mg Choline Bitartrate

100mg Bitter orange extract

of which is

6mg Synephrine

10mg Piperine

Maximum results without compromise! Try out the Chikara Cuts Fat Burner and you will not be dissapointed! If you liked the old fat burners before 2012 then this is the one for you!!

Recommended use for Chikara Cuts Fat Burner:

Take 2-3 caps spaced evenly throughout the day. Do not exceed recommended dosage within a 24 hour time period

For best results split the caps Immedietely upon waking/early lunchtime/mid afternoon.

Do not take a serving within 3 hours of sleep as it will effect the quality of sleep you have.