CNP - Plant EAA

CNP - Plant EAA

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There are nine essential amino acids (EAA’s), all of which play vital roles within the body. Following a plant based diet can often mean it is challenging to get adequate amounts of EAA’s, this coupled with extra demands placed on the body from exercises can often leave you falling short. By supplementing with additional EAA’s you are able to boost your intake as and when required throughout the day and around exercise.

PLANT EAA has been formulated using Amino9, a clinically studied blend of all nine essential amino acids. This has been shown to have a positive effect on muscle protein synthesis, resulting in improved strength and overall body composition for those who train. 

For those who simply wish to boost their EAA intake in line with their health and wellness goals, it is a naturally flavoured, delicious and convenient way to top up your levels as required. Whilst also supporting the body with a nutritious, vegan friendly blend of multivitamins and minerals often difficult to acquire from a plant based diet.