CNP - Plant Pre Work Out

CNP - Plant Pre Work Out

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Having optimum energy levels and being primed to perform when training is the key to that extra set, a new personal best and going the extra mile. While we get raw energy from our nutrition we can further support our workouts with key ingredients to give us a physical and mental edge. Having a pre-workout designed to push your energy levels through the roof and increase blood flow to the working muscles can therefore be an invaluable tool.

PLANT PRE-WORKOUT has been designed to provide the most effective all in one, stimulant and pump centred formula. It aims to bring a level of intensity to your training like never experienced before through ingredients to peak your mental focus and fuel intra and post-workout muscle pumps. To support the body further we have included a nutritious, vegan friendly stack of multivitamins and minerals often difficult to acquire from a plant based diet, partly supplied from a real fruit blend.

Nutritional Information 100g 14g Serving
Energy 63kJ/25kcal 9kJ/3kcal
Fat 0.2g 0g
of which sugars 5.2g
0.5g 0.7g
Protein 0g 0g
Salt 0.509g 0.07g