MG12 - Soothing Gel

MG12 - Soothing Gel

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Infused with Eucalyptus & Ginger.

100% Pure and Natural.

Premium quality Magnesium.

Extracted from the Ancient Dead Sea.

Highly concentrated formula.

Designed to be added to applied directly to the skin.

Product Size: 150ml

Mg12 Soothing Gel provides a slow release of Magnesium via Transdermal Absorption. The gel gently soaks into skin for up to an hour after application, which makes it ideal for use during or after exercise.

The highly-concentrated formula allows for quick and effective magnesium absorption.

Mg12 Soothing Gel is ideal for targeting sore muscle groups or joints. Absorption begin immediately, after application.

Active Ingredient: Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2)

Concentration: 32%

Directions for Use

Take a generous amount of Mg12 Soothing Gel and massage the formula directly into your skin.

Mg12 Soothing Gel can be used all over the body, and especially over areas with muscular or joint pain.

Use of the gel is encouraged once or twice per day, to maintain good levels of Magnesium.


5ml of Mg12 Soothing Gel provides 750mg of elemental Magnesium. Daily recommended intake: (300-400mg).

It is impossible to consume too much Magnesium, via Transdermal Absorption.