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Planet Paleo - Pure Collagen

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Pure Collagen powder contains 100% highly absorbable collagen peptides sourced from the hides, bones and connective tissue of grass-fed cows. Collagen provides a highly nutritious, bioavailable form of amino acids lacking in modern-day diets heavily reliant on muscle meats.

✓ Grass-fed beef collagen from farms with superior animal welfare

✓ Rich in amino acids such as glycine and proline

✓ Supports strong joint, digestive and nervous system health

✓ Promotes recovery from fatigue and exercise

One serving of our Pure Collagen powder provides a high strength shot of hydrolysed collagen. Hydrolysed collagen is also known as ‘collagen peptides’—a form of collagen that has been broken down into more easily absorbed amino acids. Pure Collagen is a great choice of bovine collagen to aid your performance, recovery or just all-round fitness and vitality. Try a scoop blended into your pre-workout smoothie or breakfast cereal.

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