Red Con 1- Cluster Bomb
Red Con 1

Red Con 1- Cluster Bomb

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Redcon1 Cluster Bomb

Fast acting carbohydrates and intra-workouts are now being used more and more as it keeps on being proving that the use of an intra-workout supplement is arguably the most effective tool at maximising training performance and reducing DOM's in following days.

Redcon1 Cluster Bomb is a top of the range intra-workout supplement consisting of the widely renowned cluster dextrin. Cluster dextrin is known as the king of fast-digesting carbs hence why being such an effective intra-workout product to provide your muscles with an instant fuel source. Cluster dextrin is scientifically proven to digest and work more efficiently and effectively than any other fast carb source. Cluster dextrin is highly soluble in water meaning it is easily absorbed and readily available as a fuel source.

Supplementing a product like a cluster bomb is going to allow you to train more frequently at a higher intensity without tiring quickly. Cluster bomb will also allow the body to recover quicker after training which will result in reduced doms and more accelerated muscle growth.

What is so good about Redcon1 Cluster Bomb?

  • Made using cluster dextrin, the fasted digesting carbohydrate
  • Perfect to be used intra-workout
  • Provides muscles with instant fuel to recover faster
  • Train more intensely for longer without tiring
  • No bloating or cramping

Size: 825g

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