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Swedish Supplements - Crazy 8

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Crazy 8 the new generation of Pre workout products has arrived!

  • Intense and lasting energy
  • Sharp sense of focus
  • Stinging desire to defeat the weights
  • High dose

Crazy 8

Welcome to a new era in the product segment preworkout products. We all know the history of Swedish Supplements with the development of products that have become trendsetters and created the standard for how good a preworkout product should be. Products such as Fucked Up, The Butcher and Vigor have gone before and shown that dietary supplements certainly work!
Now it's time again. For a long time, Swedish Supplements' development department has been working on a new unique formula for energy, focus and increased performance. The result is the maximum dose of Crazy 8. It contains no less than 8 different simulants that work together in synergy and keep you alert and tagged from the first dose. The simulant formula mainly consists of different sources of caffeine extracted from the plant kingdom. Hence, they have different character but similar effect and give an overall strong invigorating effect

To create tunnel vision and focus, we find choline bitartrate, l-tyrosine and taurine.
Choline is also used by the body to produce acetylcholine, which is an important neurotransmitter that is involved in functions such as memory storage and muscle control. Studies done on choline have also shown that an extra intake of choline can contribute to improved reactivity while also increasing the performance of athletes.

Tyrosine helps reduce the risk of crashing after using a central stimulant supplement. The effect is obtained by using this amino acid in the catecholamines production in the body. Catecholamines act as neurotransmitters and hormones such as adrenaline, norepinephrine and dopamine. When the body is stressed, the brain releases norepinephrine to stimulate the CNS and increase energy as well as mental alertness. The problem that arises is that it takes time to rebuild the levels of neurotransmitters once they are depleted. This gives a feeling of fatigue and discomfort - a crash. A supplement of tyrosine increases the level of norepinephrine synthesis so that the depots do not have to go to the bottom.

Crazy 8 has a hefty dose of Taurine to balance the powerful central stimulating effect. Taurine acts as an antioxidant and has a cortisol lowering effect, it also has a positive effect on memory function and protects the heart.
Citrullin is known to be used popularly to increase arginine levels in the blood, it releases nitric oxide and stimulates growth hormone GH. Citrulline works effectively to reduce the effect of lactic acid and lower the ammonia concentration by supporting the urea cycle. It is popular with bodybuilders because it restores a favorable intramuscular Ph value and improves recovery.
Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid used by the body to create a dipeptide called carnosine. Carnosine acts as a buffer because it affects the acidity of muscle tissue and reduces it. Higher levels of carnosine reduce the feeling of fatigue as lactic acid is inhibited. An immediate effect from the intake of beta-alanine is a stinging sensation and sometimes skin redness on mainly arms and face. This is a harmless reaction to the fact that the levels of beta-alanine increase rapidly in the blood. Many people experience this effect as extra tagging before training. After regular intake of beta-alanine, the stinging effect decreases, which in no way reduces the lactic acid inhibiting effect but is due to the body getting used to the levels.

All these substances together in a tasty drink before training gives you the boost you need to take your training to new heights.