Yummy Sports-Vegan Protein
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Yummy Sports-Vegan Protein

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Yummy Sports - Vegan Protein
  • High quality vegan protein blend
  • 16g protein per serving
  • Gluten free and sugar free
  • Great mixability and flavour
  • Naturally sweetened with stevia

Yummy Sports Vegan Protein - Matchaz Macaron (1kg, 2lb, 30 servings)

From the guys at Yummy Sports, meet your new favourite guilt-free VEGAN sweet treat, In 'Matchaz Macaron' flavour, yes folks. We were BEYOND impressed with the awesome stevia sweetened whey protein isolate Yummy Sports delivered. So when we saw they had a VEGAN protein powder...wellllll it caught our eye! We jumped right in so y'all plant based folk could get in on this stuff!! Bag for bag we haven't been dissapointed with even one flavour. We know vegan is MUCH more difficult to do...but we thought hey it's Yummy Sports...they got this!!

Whilst we kinda wish we were eating Macarons whilst drinking this. It's as close as you'll get for 104 calories a scoop, with 0 sugar. Whilst being vegan and including that powerful potent Matcha Powder!! But mark us impressed folks...Naturally sweetened with stevia. Pure protein....we can't always also eat sweet treats, so in this instance we'll settle for this 'yummy' stuff!! Great after a hardcore workout, you can ensure your muscles get the protein they need almost instantly after consuming! :D

Providing 16g of plant based protein per serving, perfect for replenishing the body with all that it needs to ensure muscle growth is optimised! Containing 0g sugar, entirely gluten free. Made with high quality ingredients as well as being looking super fun and tasting super tasty!! Taste is always at the top our list but this stuff pretty much ticks ALL the boxes!! Vegan protein powder is known to be extremely grainy but folks... this stuff is preeeettty damn smooth!! No compromise on flavour or texture!!

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